Routes & Ports of Call

From the very heart of Europe to the lifeblood of Egypt, the multitude and concentration of navigable waterways offer the most popular river cruising in the world. There are a wealth of ports of call and destinations to discover and explore, providing awe-inspiring beauty, spectacular river scenery and landscapes, diverse architecture, and astounding and far-reaching history and culture. A river cruise in Europe, Russia, or Egypt is an ideal way to discover a region and gain insight into the cultures, traditions, heritage, and daily lives of the people who inhabit these lands.

Major Ports of Call

Ports of Call on the Danube

Because of the Danube’s prime location and historical significance, the river is lined with some of the most important capital cities and ports of call in Europe.

  • Regensburg, Germany is a well-preserved medieval city, with a fine Gothic cathedral, charming cobblestone streets, and a lovely town center.
  • Nuremberg, Germany is a port of call located on the Main-Danube Canal. It is a distinctive, and friendly walled-city from the Middle Ages, with half-timbered houses, cobblestone streets, and a friendly atmosphere.
  • Vienna, Austria is a city synonymous with elegance and music, boasting a long history of culture, a wealth of palaces and manor houses, diverse architecture, and famous culinary traditions.
  • Durnstein, Austria, the famed holding place for Richard the Lion Heart is a jewel of a town with blue chapels surrounded by terraced vineyards.
  • Bratislava, Slovakia is one of Europe’s youngest capitals with a booming economy, a rich mix of nationalities, and a pleasant town square and castle.
  • Budapest, Hungary is a splendid port of call, in a setting with the sublime parliament building on the river. It is the city of spas and ancient center of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, boasting beautiful architecture.

Ports of Call on the Elbe

  • Prague, Czechoslovakia is one of the most well-preserved cities in Europe, with a rich cultural past, the largest ancient castle in the world, the historic Jewish Quarter, and splendid old town.
  • Dresden, Germany is a port of call with the landing right in the center of the city. It is a former Saxon residence with a magnificent Baroque church, historic old town, and important cultural institutions.

Ports of Call on the Rhine

  • Cologne, Germany. Though the stretch of river around Cologne can be industrial and flat, the city itself has an inspiring Gothic cathedral and many sights of interest, and places to wander through.
  • Dusseldorf, Germany was badly damaged in WWII, and now has a lively cultural center. It is the home of beer, with a multitude of micro-breweries and cafés lending a relaxed and friendly feel to the city.

Ports of Call on the Tributaries of the Rhine

  • Heidelberg, Germany. Carving its way through some of Germany’s most beautiful river scenery, the Neckar provides a spectacular cruising destination, with Heidelberg as one of the main attractions. This lovely and thriving university town has character, appeal, and culture. Heidelberg boasts a lovely selection of Baroque and Renaissance buildings, a red sandstone castle, and is the seat of German Romanticism.

Ports of Call on the Rhone

  • Avignon, France is a sunny and beautiful university town and ancient papal city, ringed with medieval walls, in one of the most formidable wine regions in France.
  • Arles, France. Boasting many Gallo-Roman ruins, Arles is a lovely town to explore, with a charming and picturesque center immortalized by Van Gogh.

Ports of Call on the Seine

  • Paris, France is a port of call whose very name conjures images of beauty and grandeur. Paris, the City of Lights, is one of the most glamorous cities in the world, boasting a mind-boggling array of famous and infamous monuments and museums, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, as well as Notre Dame and the Musée d’Orsay.
  • Rouen, France. The ‘City of 100 Spires’ is the fourth largest port in France and is filled with lovingly restored half-timbered houses.
  • Honfleur, France is a truly picturesque and charming harbor located in the Seine estuary as the Seine meets the Atlantic Coast.

Ports of Call on the Po

  • Venice, Italy is synonymous with romance and love. The name of this enchanting port of call evokes dreamy images of gondola and canals and is a truly beautiful gem of a town to explore and discover.
  • Verona, Italy is actually on the Adige River, which runs parallel to the Po. This medieval town was the inspiration for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Gentlemen of Verona.

Ports of Call on the Douro

  • Porto, Portugal. The most famous port of call on the Douro is Porto, which is the second largest city in Portugal and home to the port-wine industry.

Ports of Call on the Waterways of Scotland and Ireland

  • Galway, Ireland. Though Galway is not located directly on the river Shannon, it is a short excursion away. This university city has a medieval center and is a colorful cultural treat.

Ports of Call on Russian Waterways

  • Moscow, Russia, on the Moscow-Volga canal, is an imposing, impressive, and fascinating port of call. This capital city, home to the Kremlin and Red Square, brings to mind images of the Cold War, and is a vast and unique city to discover.
  • Kostroma, Russia on the Volga, is lovely city and usually the turn around point for cruises. The highlights include a monastery and cathedral.
  • St Petersburg, Russia is the second largest city in Russia and an immensely beautiful port of call. This city is filled with sumptuous palaces, amazing art treasures, magnificent monuments, and stunning churches.

Ports of Call on the Dnieper

  • Kiev, Ukraine. Though severely damaged during WWII, Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. This port of call on the Dnieper river manages to retain a sense of its former grandeur and offers a magnificent cathedral and lively shopping area.

Ports of Call on the Nile

  • Cairo, Egypt is a vast port of call, bisected by the Nile. The largest city in Africa, Cairo is home to inconceivable treasures, monuments, and museums.
  • Luxor, Egypt is the ‘worlds greatest outdoor museum’ and is a busy, lively city and archaeological site, not to be missed.